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Your Existing Landscape

Charlotte wood privacy fence

Your particular landscape and grading around your house will have a huge impact on the appearance of the installed fence. This is particularly important for those who have a grade or slope on their property. With or without slope, certain fence styles will not fit so smooth in certain situations. If you have a dense forest with tons of brush and growth, think about how your fence may look cutting through all that. Not that you don't want to PUT a fence there, but just keep in mind some of the things that will be encountered. Do you have a stream running through your yard that might require a "kludge" to work a fence install around? You will need to answer the question of how much of an effect, if any, one type of fence will have over others.

Things to think about for YOUR Fence

If the ground tends to have a lot of moisture, you may very well be in need of additional post support. Wood fences with long rails will be at an angle, and this could look unsightly. But avoid getting discouraged by this because there are always solutions to be found. Fence posts will need to be set about at three feet or so into the ground, and if you have a lot of bedrock under the ground, this is something that will have to be dealt with. It's not exactly mountainous around Charlotte or Mecklenburg County in general, but there are some places that have more rock than others. Everything with fencing companies such as ours (or pretty much any OTHER fencing contractor) is about time. Simple and straighforward, if we have to drill through rock just to place a post, it's going to take a *bit* more time than than someone that has nice simple non-rocky soil to dig post holes in. Pretty easy to relate to, and that is just one extra thing you have to consider.

There is NOT a "One Size Fits All" Fence

These are excellent examples of why you need to do some upfront investigations before attempting a large home improvement project like a new fence. But, if you're really serious about putting a fence across the stone shelf in your backyard, there are ways to punch through rock, but be prepared to pay for it. Knowing what will be required to do the project allows you to prepare and just be aware of what is coming down the pike. IF we have to chainsaw a fence path through your back yard, it takes time. If you have a sharp slope, the fence structure will need to accomdate it as well as take extra time. Sure, we have the easiest time of it on nice level soil, but some of the greatest looking fences we've done are on slopes or have some interesting landscaping factors involved!

Zoning or HOA Issues

Charlotte does not have any stringent policies on fences, but your HOA might. In general if you are in the CharlotteMecklenburg area, the only thing that they care about is the height - 5 feet in the front, 6 feet tall on the sides and 8 feet in the rear of the property. You do NOT need a permit for a fence - see the article on the site.. If you are putting up a fence in the front yard, you (or your contractor) should call the Department of Transportation for review. Call the Zoning Counter for details. For HOA policies, it is helpful to have the covenants handy when we meet with you so we may see what kind of information you may need to be compliant and how we may need to structure and build your fence to BE compliant with homeowners association policies.

Commercial Fencing in Charlotte NC

Affordable Fence Guys also installs commercial wooden fencing for businesses located in or near Charlotte/Mecklenburg residential areas.

General Things to Consider for Any Fencing Install

All holes for the posts should be at least three feet in the ground, and this will ensure that they will not start leaning with age. A special consideration may need to be made if you live in a very wet climate whereby the ground is saturated with water. Effective communications is what it's all about, and you can avert a whole LOT of problems in this area of depth by talking. That all said, if your company does NOT drill your post holes deep enough to begin with, we would sort of bet that they won't be running back to straighten things out when those posts start leaning. We pride ourselves on super technical knowledge and follow through. We don't believe in shortcuts and we want OUR fences to keep standing year after year. Having said all of that, our service to you is our proof of a job well done, and we thrive on getting positive feedback from happy customers.

Let's Get Started on YOUR New Charlotte Fence Project

All it takes is a phone call to get the process started! We can talk to you about the general items, get an idea of what your landscape is like, your fence style desired and all that on the phone. But when it comes down to it, we want to look at your specific landscape and situation by doing a thorough onsite review with you. We can cover any questions you may have about fencing, your specific landscape and how it may effect designs, choice of materials and much more. Our best customer is a well-informed customer. We want you to know exactly what we're going to be doing and we want to make absolutely sure that we're going to do is exactly what you WANT done.

So what happens on a fence install?


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