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Wood Fence Maintenance and YOUR Charlotte Wood Fence

Fence Company Charlotte NC, Wood Fence Charlotte NC, Privacy Fence Charlotte NC How important and time-consuming is it?
When you really look at all that is required for wood fence maintenance, it's not bad at all and you only do it every few years or so. In just about all cases, this kind of maintenance will not take much time unless there's a problem. Roughly every 3 to 5 years you want to renew the stain on your fence, but it really will depend on the climate conditions, etc. You can stain the fence when you first get it, or you can buy the wood stained from the factory.

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Variety of Options for Wood Fences

You will see very few fences that have had a coat of paint applied to them unless they are white picket fences. Any wood that is outside, and not a tree, is at risk of being degraded by the wind, sun, and rain. And in the Charlotte NC area, we get a whole LOT of sun. You can do some research about this and even correspond with people who are experts with wooden fencing. While we do love some white picket fence, you will spend more time keeping up on the painting. If you're going to apply anything, we recommend a good stain. Applying anything to a wooden fence needs to be done in a certain way, and so you have to learn what this is and basically it's using some type of wood primer. When you only use a stain, the stain will work deeper into the wood grain, so, you really do need to find out all the applicable information and then just go with what you like.

Commercial Fencing in Charlotte NC

Affordable Fence Guys also installs commercial wooden fencing for businesses located in or near Charlotte/Mecklenburg residential areas.

Keeping a check on your new fence

It's a good idea to do at least an annual check on your new fence. Part of your responsibility as a fence and home owner means that careful inspection may turn up a damage part which has to be fixed in some way. But usually it's the pickets that are more prone to damage because they're thinner, so what you can do is simply create a little project in which you fabricate your own pickets. If this doesn't sound like a whole lot of fun to you, you can always contact us. We're happy to come out and do a quick check on your fence to make sure pickets are not broken or getting weak, and check to see if it's time to come in and slap a new coat of paint or stain on them.

Those big breaks, you'll probably notice quickly. Stuff happens. It always does. Whether the kids get rough-housing in the yard, the riding lawn mower goes berserk on you one day, or some other unfortunate issue. In those cases, you can either replace a picket or reseat a post yourself if you like. We do this kind of work all day long though and we can probably do a wooden fence repair for you pretty quickly with just a phone call. Even if we didn't install it, we are always happy to do fence repair in Charlotte and surrounding Mecklenburg County.

Other Charlotte Wooden Fence Issues

Let's face it - your fence IS wood. And where there's wood, there's termites - and other bugs.

When you see something that indicates termites, then immediate and swift action are the order of the day. How efficiently you get rid of those little destructors will determine the fate of your fence. Getting the drop on them will naturally save the rest of your fence, and keep them from making the nasty jump to your house. Termites are pretty voracious when they start chewing so do NOT underestimate a termite problem - get it taken care of. If you need help or are unsure what to do, feel free to give us a call. We're not exterminators, but we can point you to people that we trust to help you with this issue.

Maintenance - A killer?

Nope. Sure, there's slightly more to wood fence maintenance than you may have previously thought, but it's nothing big especially considering just the warmth and security of having that new wood fence around your home. Asking the right kinds of questions is one of the best ways to glean knowledge and information that you may not have otherwise had. Taking the right type of action will put you in momentum and your fence will be installed that much faster. If you have any questions about wood fence and recommended maintenace, call us! We always recommend a good high quality wood stain.

Staining a Wood Fence

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